Kristin Cochell is an American actor known for her diverse and interesting characters. She studied Theatre at the University of Southern California and has been performing on both stage and in film for over 15 years. She studies photography, film, editing and set construction in her free time as well as cinematography. She’s produced and directed two short films as of 2017 while also planning a feature film to be shot in December, 2017 in Atlanta.

She currently runs and operates her own production company called Fatally Flawed Productions specializing in creating Actor Demo Reels.

Fatally Flawed Productions Website

Kristin Cochell plays a wide variety of characters to the snobbish upper class Russian woman next door to the evil queen from another land.

While Kristin enjoys playing different characters, the majority of the roles she accepts are in horror, sci-fi, thrillers, supernatural and drama.

Her favorite actors are Helena Bonham Carter and Meryl Streep with inspiration from Jennifer Lawrence and several other iconic actors.